Business Suite Shop - Masterclasses & Courses

The masterclasses, courses and programs, inside the Suite Shop, give you the ability to dive into the program that will help you and your coaching business the most right now, without monthly commitments. While the planners, workbooks, and organization tools help you stay organized and stay focused on one day at a time.

BONUS: Certain masterclasses come with a Trello Accountability board, where you can be sure not to miss a single step and be able to privately reach out to me for guidance.

F.A.S.T Formula cover image

F.A.S.T Formula

Create, design, and launch your coaching business fast by creating a Foundation, taking Action, and setting up Systems to make your business Thrive!
Time Management Micro Course

Time Management - Micro Course - Suite Exclusive!

Time management is such an important subject that once you master it, it won't just improve your business but it will change your life. 
7 Days to work/life balance micro-course in the Business Suite. Business woman working on laptop with child playing with a dinosaur

7 Days to Work/Life Balance

This is the first step in finding that balance and reducing stress in your life. Take action and practice these 7 simple ideas to practice that will assist you in finding that balance.
Smartest Goal Setting

Setting the S.M.A.R.T.E.S.T. Goals for Your Business

I've added to the SMART method because science has proven time and again that the best goals go beyond just being smart.
Create a 90-Day plan

Create a 90-Day Plan - Suite Exclusive!

Use this 90-day method to help you stay motivated and inspired to set and achieve bigger goals - goals that make your biggest dreams look small.
Discover your client's pain points and speak her language

Discover Your Ideal Client's Pain Points & Language - Suite Exclusive!

If you truly want to crush it in today’s crazy-noisy marketplace, you have to connect with your ideal clients on a deeper level and show them you genuinely understand them.
It takes a village mastermind

It Takes a Village Mastermind - 12 Weekly Meetings per Quarter

It Takes A Village is a premium mastermind for mission-driven, service-based women entrepreneurs.
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