It is a premium mastermind for mission-driven, service-based women entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to put in the work it takes to reach the next level!

You started your business because you believed in your vision and knew you would make a difference to your customers, your family, and yourself. Fully empowered, you were determined to do whatever it took to make an impact and ensure your business was a success. Since then, you have worked late nights, earned a LOT of sweat equity, and cried a lot more tears than you ever thought possible.

Now, you’re 1-2 years into your business and you still haven’t been able to really reach that level of entrepreneurship you have always dreamed of. The dream to change the world and support your family with a 20-hour workweek seems more like a fantasy than a possibility and you are not sure how much longer you can burn the candle at both ends…don’t worry, you are NOT alone.

It takes a village mastermind will change your life.

Inside the It Takes a Village Mastermind, we are an intimate group of entrepreneurs, all of which are committed to the success of one another’s businesses. It is a mastermind that provides the support and guidance you need to help you move your business forward. Because, when you’re in the right mastermind group, you can start to see your business and yourself through someone else’s eyes as you support one another and leverage each other’s experiences.

This mastermind is for you if…

  • You’ve been in business for 1-2 years and want to increase your visibility, but have yet to find a strategy that works for your business.
  • You’re a service-based business owner and want to explore how you can create a hybrid service and passive income model.
  • You want to accomplish more in your business in less time by working smarter not harder.
  • You understand the mastermind group principle is not only about serving you but serving and supporting others. You must be willing to contribute to the success of everyone.
  • You are ready to commit to the mastermind and its members by putting group calls as one of the highest business priorities in your schedule.

If you are ready and willing to shift your mindset and tackle all the hard questions to accomplish your dreams, then join us.


Apply to Join us and take your business further!

1 Lesson

  1. 780:00 MINS
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