Hello, [wlm_firstname]! Welcome to the Business Suite!

I am secretly doing a happy dance that you are here! My mission is to help you start your online coaching business, so we both have a lot of work to do! First things first – watch the video below. It will give you an overview of the membership, what’s included and where and how to get started!

I can’t wait to get to know you and your business more and be part of your coaching journey. Together we can achieve so much more AND we really are in this together…

If you have any questions, technical issues or have an obstacle you need help to overcome, I am only an email away, so please reach out and let me help you.

Start Here…

Watch me…

Choose which program you would like to start today. Using the email address you signed up with, select which program you want to begin. Once you click “start program”, the first lesson will be emailed to your inbox, immediately.

Each lesson will then be sent to you by 8 am the following morning. Also, if you need additional support, 1:1 guidance or  technical help, email me at joelene@joelenemills.com (Or just hit reply in the email, as I will receive all replies directly!)

Resources & Member Bonuses

Resources & Support
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Guided Journals & Planners
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Masterclasses & Programs

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My promise.

At the heart of this membership is a desire to help you build an incredible business. So please take advantage of it, whether you have a question, need feedback, want to share your success, and celebrate, I am here for you.

Whatever you need just ask and I’ll do my very best to help you – ask via the Facebook group or send me an email and we will get back to you! This is my promise to you.